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The Social Workplace Power Toys is a series of Reference Implementation solutions intented to demonstrate the power of the Sitrion Social® API for custom solutions development.


Solution Category Description Status
The Approve It! Productivity Allows you to submit a request for approval of any SharePoint content, including list items (tasks, meetings, leads, etc.), documents, and pages. The request itself is created as OOB Sitrion Social workflow activity (tagged with #requiresapproval) sent to a specified approver with the link to the content to be approved.  Beta
Post Anywhere Productivity This is a Web Part that allows you to create a bookmark in your browser for posting Sitrion Social microblog messages from any currently visiting web page. It can also automatically add a page's selected text and URL directly into microblog text entry box. Beta
Gephi Data Export BI Allows you to export social network (people, communities, and their connections) into a .GEXF file to be analysed in the Gephi network visualization tool.    Beta
Sitrion Social Power View BI This is an Excel 2013 workbook containing Power View report template. The report allows you to analyse activity events count by people and types with a filtering by selected communities. Beta
Service Bus Connector Integration Allows to subscribe to Azure or Windows Server Service Bus 1.1 messages with specific topics and publish them as activity events in Sitrion Social. Research
Sitrion Social Workflow Activities Pack for SharePoint 2013 Workflow  The pack will include workflow activities for SharePoint Designer 2013 that enable creation of declarative workflows interacting with Sitrion Social.  Prospective
Open Data Protocol (OData) for Sitrion Social Data Enables access to Sitrion Social data using OData protocol with REST queries and a variety of OData client libraries. Prospective
Idea2Project Integration Allows to promote Sitrion Social idea as a project in the Project Server 2013.  Prospective


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