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The Approve It!

This solution allows you to submit a request for approval for any SharePoint content, including list items (tasks, meetings, leads, etc.), documents, and pages, into Sitrion Social Workplace. The request inself is created as OOB Social Workplace workflow activity sent to a specified approver with the link to the content to be approved. 

This solution can be used as an alternative to the OOB SharePoint approval workflow when you need to get an ad-hoc approval of your document or list item from a single approver.

Step 1. Open list item properties dialog and click Approve It! button on the ribbon.

Approve button in the ribbon.

 Step 2. Specify the approver and the request text. 

Approve request form

 Step 3. The approver receives the requests in the Social Sites activity stream and then approve or deny it.

Workflow activity

You can download it here.

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