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Sitrion Social Power View

This is an Excel 2013 workbook containing Power View report template. The report allows you to analyse activity events count by people and types with a filtering by selected communities.

Step 1. Open the SitrionSocialPowerView.xlsx file in Excel 2013.

Step 2. Go to Sheet1 worksheet, select Data tab in the ribbon and click Connections.

Step 3. Select the NewsGator_Reporting ActivityEventRollup and click Properties... 

Step 4. In the Connection string field replace the <SITRION_SOCIAL_SQL_HOST_NAME> with your Sitrion Social SQL Server host name, click OK, then click Close.

NOTE: Your Windows (Active Directory) account must have access rights to the NewsGator_Reporting database.

Step 5. Go to the Sitrion Social worksheet and view the Events Count by People and Type report. You can use filter by communities and also click on bars of one of the charts to filter another chart.

 You can download it here

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